Gallows Run

Gallows Run sometimes called Gallows Hill Run.  It has many rivulet tributaries in Nockamixon and Springfield Townships.  The main stream rises in Springfield, near Stony Point school house on Bursonville Road.


bulletWilliam J. Buck suggested the name Gallows was from the finding of the dead body of a man, suspended from a limb of a tree on Gallows Hill.
bulletLibrarian Warren S. Ely claimed that Edward Marshall the Indian Purchase walker of 1737, broke his gallowses in jumping across the run.
bulletJoseph E. Sandford, suggests that, inasmuch as Joseph Galloway was interested in land tracts in Durham Township that Gallows Run is short for Galloways Run.

In a plan of Nockamixon Township in Noll's Atlas of Bucks County (1891), this stream is named Kintnersville Creek from Revere to its mouth at the Delaware, and Gallows Run is marked as though it were a tributary to Kintnersville Creek, this name is not sanctioned by any other maps.


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